Une Passion pour les bijoux

A curious collection of the unique and the uncommon

an exclusive collection of Handcrafted Jewelry 

  I  work  primarily  with  Sterling  Silver, Natural  Gemstones (including  Lapis, Charoite,  Carnelian,  Nephrite  Jade, Turquoise,  Corals,  Jasper,  Malachite,  Agate, Tiger's  Eye  variations,  Pyrite,  freshwater pearls  and  Onyx.)   I  also  use  Opals,  Peridot, Amethyst,  Amber  and  Garnet.   Vintage  Items are  often  incorporated into  my  work,  or existing pieces are re-designed, up-cycled, re-worked,  and/or  married.   Many  pieces  are made  with  beads  that  are  wood  or  glass,  and  I  also  use  bronze,  antiqued copper  and  (occasionally)  bone.     

My  Grandfather  used  to  always  say, 'pick  quality over  quantity, tootz.'  and  to  this day,  that  has  been  my  mantra.   Every  item  is one-of-a-kind,  and  rarely  are  two  similar.  To  that  end,  I  may  be  able  to  replicate certain  items,  based  on  available  supplies, but  as  these  are  all  hand-made,  there   will never  be  two  items  that  are  exactly  alike.  
Always feel free to contact me if there is something you see in my gallery that has been produced in the past, but is no longer available.  As I stated before, I can sometimes add variations to existing designs, or make an item to be rather similar to another.